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Anna Smith entered the adult industry in 2015. From that moment on, she has become one of the foremost writers around, using her sex industry expertise to bring her readers many fun and fact filled articles. She is most well known for her sex advice pieces, yet also has a major interest in sexual health and other serious issues. However, this is all done with a quirky style that is unmistakably hers. When she isn't working, Anna is a fitness fanatic, and enjoys going away with her partner for various weekend trips.

Pubic Hair – Welcome Back To the Full Bush

The fact that where there is hair, there is also a trend is well-known among both men and women all over the world.
We’ve all witnessed colourful armpit hair or Brazilian waxing, so I guess we should not be amazed by the return of the full bush, should we? Yes, my friends, ready or not, women’s pubes are going a bit vintage now. Continue reading Pubic Hair – Welcome Back To the Full Bush

The Hidden Sex Messages in Advertising

The fact that everybody loves sex is something you already knew. Well, you are reading the Escort Sweden blog so that means you are one of the people who really enjoys a lot of sexy time. And that is very healthy. Unfortunately, the fact that we love having sex it’s sometimes used in order to captivate our attention. Well this is not always bad, but let’s be honest, we would strongly appreciate if some advertisers messed less with our minds. Continue reading The Hidden Sex Messages in Advertising

5 European Countries Where Buying Sex Is Legal

Just like in Northern Ireland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway, sex became illegal to buy in France. Sex workers were immensely upset since, though the laws are not against selling sex, placing the legal responsibilities on their clients, definitely ruins their business. Though we have another country on the “no” list, there are still many of places where buying sex is still legal. Continue reading 5 European Countries Where Buying Sex Is Legal