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Bella joined the team in 2014 and has developed a fan base writing most of our our Erotic Stories. She also writes a lot of our "guides" from personal experience!

Real Sex – Daddy’s Princess Gets Whipped!

I was burning with anger, why was I in daddy’s office again? What had I done that was so wrong except live my life and enjoy what is rightfully mine? The old man, dressed in his tweed overcoat, with patches of leather and scrapes of dirt, reminiscent of his recent hunting expedition on the elbows traced the outside of the room, walking round and round in circles, making me more and more dizzy as I awaited another of his rages. Continue reading Real Sex – Daddy’s Princess Gets Whipped!

Real Sex – Fulfilling A Fantasy

Not everyone gets a chance to have their deepest darkest fantasies come true. However, when I was in Stockholm last year, my fantasies were fulfilled. I am in my early twenties, a banker by profession and I love to travel. Visiting new places, meeting new people and blogging my stories is a part of my life. Continue reading Real Sex – Fulfilling A Fantasy