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Five Tips for Meeting Escorts

Ah the trill of meeting an escort. Your heart is racing, your hands are sweaty and your mind is trying to decide whether to have that last wank so you can last just a little longer. But when that beauty moonlights through the door, we know it can be a little too easy to let excitement take over, and your thoughts become a whole bunch of poorly-worded Ping-Pong balls waiting to fall through and clumsily spill from your lips. Continue reading Five Tips for Meeting Escorts

Five Reasons Why we’re Attracted to Authority

From the Greeks to the Ottomans, and then again onto the modern day Americans, there has been one accepted principle when it comes to attraction: people in positions of authority are hot. Without getting into a discussion about a patriarchal society, this is typically more commonly seen amongst young women, with that Hollywood style beady-eyed look as they stare at their adult superiors. Continue reading Five Reasons Why we’re Attracted to Authority

She’s a Screamer! Woman Jailed for Sex Noises

Out of all the things you could punish a woman for, few guys would think of making sex noises. To some, a woman’s fanatic sex screams are just an awesome boost to the male ego – the idea that you’re able to inspire such auspicious testimonies with just your penis. But even for those that aren’t exactly turned on by loud women in the bedroom, few would ever condemn it. Continue reading She’s a Screamer! Woman Jailed for Sex Noises

Is Going With a Transexual ‘Gay’?

Any attraction to transexuals is often accompanied for one single question: does my attraction make me gay? Sadly the answer is rarely clear cut. If you’re walking down the street and you see an attractive man, and feel a surge of blood rush southwards to your penis, then we can certainly say you’re probably harbouring some homosexual tendencies. However, no one would blame you for having the same reaction when you see one of the many well-endowed transexuals out there. Hell, even if you know that the person is a transexual, basic male sex-drive would still consider anything with longlegs sexually. After all, we’re conditioned to think of sex every six seconds. Continue reading Is Going With a Transexual ‘Gay’?