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OWO Versus Covered Oral!

Getting a blowjob is one of the hottest things around. Seeing your sexy lady sink to their knees before you, grinning as they lick their lips and move their mouth towards your cock is a turn on for so many. When it comes to oral sex, people seem torn between the different types, pitting a covered BJ against the feel of lips on bare skin. It is always OWO versus covered oral. Continue reading OWO Versus Covered Oral!

The Best Oral Sex Tips From A Woman

When you are searching for the best oral sex tips that you can use to make your woman scream in delight and call your name out for everyone to hear, you will find a lot of articles from men. These men thing they know everything about sex and can tell you just how to make your woman moan and groan underneath you, but often their tips miss the mark. Sorry guys, but no-one knows how to please a woman quite like a woman does. Continue reading The Best Oral Sex Tips From A Woman