Östergötland Escorts

Östergötland is a county in the south-east of Sweden with a coastline bordering the Baltic Sea. Apart from featuring a number of beautiful and accommodating Östergötland escorts, the area boasts one of the biggest metropolitan areas in Sweden thanks to the linked towns of Linköping and Norrköping, which offer superb shopping opportunities.

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Discover Östergötland

The area is rich in sporting activities, offering a number of water parks together with swimming pools and sports centres. There are plenty of safe, clean beaches providing excellent swimming and the area is home to an impressive zoo and wildlife park. Once renowned for its weaving, there are still a number of small mills operating in the area and the region offers a number of independent handicraft sellers and makers of artisan cheeses.

The medieval towns of Skänninge, Vadstena and Söderköping offer a glimpse into the region's historic roots and the cathedral at Linköping is considered to be one of the finest examples of medieval architecture in the country.

Canals which cross the country provide a fantastic way to spend some pleasant days by taking a canal boat trip. Visitors can also hire a bike to explore the towpaths and surrounding countryside.

Different types of Östergötland escorts

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