Kungsholmen Escorts

The borough and island of Kungsholmen lies in the Lake Mälaren in Stockholm, just south of Riddarfjärden. The island has five separate districts within it of Kungholmen, Fredhäll, Kristineberg, Marieberg and Stadshagen. It has a long history, as Franciscan monks first start living there in the 15th Century, and as such there is plenty of history that you can explore. Take the chance to learn more about the area by enjoying a date with an escort in Kungsholmen. Their unique insight will be invaluable to you during your visit.

Discover the island of Kungsholmen

In the district of Kungsholmen you will find Kristineberg Palace. This building was first built in 1750 and has gone through some dramatic changes over the years to make it the imposing yet beautiful building it is today. You can enjoy a relaxing walk through the parks and gardens, or simply take the time to admire the time that went into this architecture masterpiece. Alternatively, you can head to the eastern tip of Kungsholmen island, where you will find Stockholm City Hall. The Hall is a major tourist attraction for Sweden, and it is easy to see why with the monumental tower that stands above it.

Given the island's location in the Lake Mälaren, it would be a real shame to miss the opportunity to go out on the water. During the summer months, there is no better way to relax than by hiring a boat and take a trip across the water with one of the Kungsholmen escorts. The views are unforgettable and it makes for a truly romantic date.

Kungsholmen is well known for its delicious food, whether you choose to stay by the busy waterfront in Kungsholmen or head to the quieter side of the island at Fredhäll. Whatever food you desire, you will find it. There is everything, from popular takeaway franchises from around the world, to quaint local run eateries. Want to try some Tandoori or Thai? Not a problem! Simply take a walk around the island to find the best places to enjoy a dinner date.

Discussing Kungsholmen Escort

There is a lot packed onto the small island, and so choosing the right date destination for you and any of the escorts in Kungsholmen can be a challenge. You are spoilt for choice, which is why you should be using the Escort Sweden forums.

On the forums you will find a growing and active community of both escorts and clients, all eager to discuss the latest topics and best places to go in Kungsholmen. With free registration, you can easily join and start asking for ideas for dates in Kungsholmen.