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Vasastan (also known as Vasastaden) is a large city district in central Stockholm, that, as of 2006, had 58, 458 inhabitants. It is the second most inhabited district in Stockholm, so therefore, it is no surprise that there are a lot of Vasastan escorts out there just waiting to hear from you.

It has to be said, Vasastan is a mainly residential area, and therefore, there isn't a whole lot to do around here. However, you are always more likely to find companions in this kind of place, as lets face it, they need somewhere to stay.

The district is made up of four main areas. These are Vasastaden proper, Birkstaden (in the north west) Röda Bergen (in the north) and Atlas (east of the Sankt Eriksbon bridge) For residential areas, the area is beautiful, with Birkstaden reminding a lot of people of Venice, just without the water.

But, what can I do when I am here, I hear you ask? Well, you could get a naughty encounter with one of the domination escorts that Vasastan has to offer? You meant something less painful? Well there is always the Stockholm public library, which is a great place to visit.

Officially opened in 1928, it contain 2 million volumes, and 2.4 million audio tapes, CD's and audio books. This will certainly help expand your mind while you in this part of Vasastan.

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