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Storuman Escorts

Storuman is a locality and the seat of Storuman Municipality in the province of Lapland, north Sweden. It has a population of 2,255 whilst the wider municipality has a total population of 5,955.

The area is believed to have been inhabited since the 18th century, when in 1744 settlers arrived from Vilhelmina in the south. At the time, the place become known as 'Lupsen', a name derived from the local river. Due to its isolated location, it remained lightly populated until 1924 when a new rail station was built to accommodate an inland line. Before this time, population estimates did not surpass forty inhabitants. Since then, however, the village has become renowned for its hydroelectric power and timber industry.

The heraldic shield, or weapon of the town, is a Wild man, based on the name of the village and the quintessential symbols of strength commonly found throughout the people of Lapland.

With your Storuman escort, you can look forward to a relaxed stay or to enjoying the long, enchanting walks through the surrounding area. An escort in Storuman will help you experience the full romantic experience on offer.  

Storuman Activities

The Storuman Municipality is one of Sweden's lightest populated areas, with a population density of less than one inhabitant per km². Together with its proximity to the heart of Lapland, the seclusion of Storuman has made it an attractive destination for tourists.

With a generous selection of romantic hotels, some of which overlook the local river, you and your Storuman escort will have no trouble finding an intimate spot to spend time together. Similarly, there is an attractive selection of local restaurants that will function as ideal locations to break the ice with your escort in Storuman.

Alternatively, if you prefer to be amongst the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, visitors can opt to lodge with camping groups. Whilst camping will certainly not suit everybody's taste, it does offer a unique feeling of intimacy with splendid views of the Swedish countryside. Other activities include walks along the water's edge that stretch for miles around, or fishing exhibitions organised by local groups.

Storuman can be reached by either of the municipality's major roads, the E12 and E45, which cross into Storuman itself. In addition, an international tourist route Blue Highway, which includes Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, goes through Storuman. The railway Inlandsbanan is primarily used by tourists to access the region in the Summer months.
So be ready to enjoy a trip with your Storuman escort filled with beauty, romance and adventure, experiencing the finest sights in the Swedish countryside.

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